Aims of our Wellbeing Programmes

  • To encourage movement and physical fitness among students.
  • To increase body awareness.
  • To promote psychological wellbeing.
  • To promote emotional wellbeing.
  • To promote positive relationships with other students, teachers and family.
  • To foster a positive attitude towards new challenges.
  • To encourage students to express themselves.

How it works

Our programmes are delivered in a warm, safe manner and participation in our activities is based on the freedom of choice.  We combine stretching and movement with simple breathing and mindfulness exercises to strengthen the body and relax the mind. This practise highlights the connection between the body, mind, emotions and behaviour.

Interactive group discussion provides a platform to discuss the current challenges facing teenagers and adults within and outside the school community. Time is dedicated to self reflection and feedback is encouraged.

Why it works

When our bodies and minds are relaxed, we learn better and our level of positivity is higher. Increased self awareness leads to greater self confidence as a person begins to value him/herself as a unique individual with their own special gift to give to the world. From this place of self awareness one sees the value in connection to and empathy for people in their school environment, at home and in the larger community.


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Chrysalis Wellness Wexford School Programmes

Did you know?

If you are a student or a teacher we offer tailor made programmes that aim to alleviate the pressures that the school year can present. Get in touch today for more information.

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