There will be plenty of blogs to come talking about all things Wellbeing....for anyone who knows me this will mainly consist of pieces about Yoga, food and trees....but I want to dedicate this first blog to those who have supported me on this adventure.

To my family....thank you!!! For having faith in me when I do not have it in myself, for your constant reassurance and for putting up with the incense, the chanting and my penchant for active wear!

To my! Thank you to each one of you who didn't look at me as if were a crazy person when I explained my plans, but rather smiling enthusiastically and telling me I will be great...I am not sure if I can ever put into words how much you means to me. 

To my mentors in the Local Development Agency and the Local Enterprise Office...your support and your affordable courses give people like me the chance to fulfill a dream. 

To St. Mary's New Ross and Wexford CBS for inviting me in to volunteer when I really needed a testing ground, THANK YOU for taking the risk! 

To the very talented Lauren Corish Wallace for bringing my logo from a scrapbook and sharpies to what it is today...absolutely Spot On, and it was such a fun process!

To the team at the Wexford Education Centre for welcoming me in and providing opportunities for me to get some experience working with teachers, I am so grateful, you gave me a well needed boost in confidence this year! 

To Charlotta and the Teen Yoga Foundation. Thank you for hosting the INSTILL conference and the incredible Teen Yoga and Mindfulness training course. You are my inspiration for setting up this project and I have you to thank for realising I wasn't alone in wanting to bring Yoga into schools.

To all of those who took time out of their day when I was conducting my Market Research....thank you for letting me talk the ears off you!  

Lastly, but most importantly, to all of the wonderful, life changing teachers I have had so far. All throughout my travels and since returning home, I have been lucky enough to receive lessons and guidance from beautiful, inspiring souls and I hope that this business will provide a platform for me to pass your teachings on with the respect and integrity that they deserve. A special mention to the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, the amazing community in Kalani, Hawaii, Pankaj and Mohan of Hatha Yoga World in Dharmshala, Niamh Barrett of, Anthony and Nina of in Australia, Eckhart Tolle for his insight, and Osho for the wisdom that he has left us. Last but by far least, my parents and their example of true entrepreneurial spirit....that hard work and determination pay off. 

I am so excited to teach and write lots more,

Love and Light,


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Chrysalis Wellness Wexford School Programmes

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